Reducing the size of my file copy folder


  • I have file copy set to never delete any files. As a result, the file copy folder has grown quite large. I need to fix this. If I change the parameter to say delete files older than 3-months old, will I maintain a copy of all files including those that did not change in the last three months?

    I am assuming, initially, file copy makes a copy of all files and then periodically updates files that change. But if a file doesn't change very often do I run the risk of having the initial copy deleted if I set the delete time from to something other than "never delete anything"?

    What is the proper procedure for re-setting  file copy to start with a delete time frame? I read elsewhere for Windows 10 that simply deleting the file copy folder is not enough.

    Thanks in advance.  

    Friday, April 6, 2018 4:08 PM

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