Hyper-V 2016 and DPM 2016


  • Hello,

    Hyper-v 2016 VM live migrated from stand alone server 2016 to cluster 2016. Stand alone Server have Hyper-V backup on server DPM1 (DPM 2016), cluster have Hyper-V backup on server DPM2 (DPM 2016).

    By live migrated VM I try to do backup on DPM2 server and I get message:

    One or more of the selected data sources are already configured for protection on the primary DPM server. When you switch back protection, the replicas of these data sources will be protected from the primary DPM server. (ID: 31162)

    and then

    DPM cannot access the path RCT\Server01 because part of the path has been deleted or renamed.
    Check the path and enter it again.
    ID: 36

    On DPM1 was backup of Server01 deleted (in the end will be all backups from stand alone Hyper-V, because we move all VMs from stand alone Hyper-V to cluster).

    Thank You for answers.

    Wednesday, May 3, 2017 4:35 PM

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