how to identity file changes and size on a windows server


  • dear team,I am setting up a DR site and recently got an issue. the data changes of the 18 windows server OS seems up to 60 GB per day even I have excluded paging files disk for sync to DR site over a 4MB WAN link. it suppose to have very minimum changes for these VM since our DB data are on raw disk and not sync through this link. this wan link is only for VM OS sync. is there a way from windows to identify what VM, what folder have some many changes? the VM don't grow much everyday. so I suspect it's temperary files. maybe it create a few GB of temp files and then delete them. any way to fix this? or any third party tool to generate a report to find the root cause? Thanks!

    Thanks and best regards, -- KF

    Thursday, October 24, 2013 2:20 PM


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