Full Access Permission added mailboxes showing the wrong contents


  • Hi,

    Recently we have had something strange happen with some of the mailboxes that are accessed by other users with the Full-Access Permission.

    We have ensured that the mailboxes are opened in the Folder view and are not manually added on the client side, but appeared when the Full Access Permission was picked up - as expected.

    To help explain what we are seeing, let's use an example like so:

    - David is no longer with the company but we have given another user (Paula) full access permission on his mailbox to find critical information and respond to some emails to tidy up some loose ends.

    - After giving Paula the permission and restarting Outlook she can see the folder in the left hand column and can expand it, but when she does she is seeing an exact copy of a few of her folders instead of the content's of David's folders.

    The bold numbers next to the inbox, drafts, sent etc. all show the same numbers as Paula, and when clicked on they show the emails for the folder of the same name in Paula's mailbox:

    We are not really sure where to start looking at this issue and has occurred for a handful of users in the last week with different mailboxes. Removing and recreating the mail account or getting the user to sign in to another computer still has the same issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Monday, June 4, 2018 4:56 AM


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