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  • We are trying to roll out an image for over 350 Dell laptops. The image has now passed compliance testing but when we were doing final testing for using either a USB aircard (Verizon UM175) or tethered connection to a Blackberry (also Verizon) we cannot connect.

    We think we know the reason. In the Connections tab of the IE7 properties there is no dial-up entry for "Verizon VZAccess - broadband". And no matter what we do we cannot create one (tried manually and the wizard simply says it can't create the connection). Because the dial-up connection entry is never created, the VZAccess can't make a connection.

    The options for "Never dial a connection, etc..etc," are all grayed out.

    The device drivers do install for the devices when they are connected to the system, and the "modem" appears in the Device Manager when either the aircard or BB is plugged in.

    We know there are GPs in place to define zones and some of the other settings for IE but we cannot find anything that would prohibit us from creating a new connection.

    Wireless and ethernet work fine but we simply cannot create a DUN connection, so the VZAccess software can't make a connection.

    We've done a GPResult report and don't see any smoking guns.

    All RAS services and dependencies are enabled and set to Automatic.

    This is driving us crazy cause it's the only issue we have left to fix so we can deploy this image.

    Anybody got any suggestions as to where to look?

    **This is an update to a post to the MS Answers.com site in response to a suggestion by Chris H. (Support Engineer) to move the post to the IT Pro section.

    There is still no resolution to this problem but we did discover and have remedied a permissions issue with the RASMAN service. We restored the proper permissions as directed by our higher level IT authority (using secedit) but are still unable to create the necessary dial-up connectoid required for VZAcess to function correctly with either an aircard or tethered Blackberry in modem mode.

    The image we are working from is a generic image that is designed to be installed as a workstation image (domain based). Our guidance has been to adjust this image to work on a laptop that may or may not be connected to a domain after the laptop is delivered to the end user in the field. So the issue is a bit of a "detective story" to try and undo some of the lockdowns that have been applied to make the laptop usable in a variety of situations.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated as we are in a bit of a time crunch to meet the deployment schedule (isn't everybody?).

    Saturday, October 3, 2009 4:19 PM