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  • I have a multi server and multi node FAST ESP configuration setup. (2 columns)

    The goal being that should 1 server become unavailable, the other QR server can be configured (in the search application) to service the search requests.

    However, the problem i have is when i take the non admin server offline (shutdown) and use the QR server on the admin node, i get an error stating that "One or more nodes unavailable for search"

    Does anyone know where in the configuration this would be set?

    I've looked at what i believe to the be the obvious configurations (nodeConf,topfdispatcher,search-1) and they all point to their respective machine names.

    Any advice?

    Kevin Sperring

    Monday, September 22, 2014 9:37 AM

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  • Kevin,
    This is expected if one of the search node is down.

    If you want qrservers to provide results despite partial availability of nodes, you will need to enable allowpartialresults on the FAST Admin node:
    ($FASTSEARCH/etc/config_data/QRServer/[cluster]/etc/qrserver/qrserverrc) .If you don't have the parameter, please add it on this file (allowpartialresults =1 ) and restart the qrservers.

    If you want qrservers to shut down http sessions upon problems connecting to its local fdispatch (which partial is NOT a case of), you could add the httpdisable flag.

    Edit the file $FASTSEARCH/etc/config_data/QRServer/[cluster]/etc/qrserver/qrserverrc and change the value httpdisable=0 into httpdisable=1.

    Monday, September 22, 2014 2:35 PM