Local Administrators are applied but still elevation required


  • Hello,

    I got a strange issue regarding local administrators deployed via GPP. I deploy a Global Security Group "All_Local-Administrators" which has a second Global Security Group "(LocationPrefix)_Local-Administrators" as member containing all AD Accounts I want to have local admin permission. After taking a look on one of our Clients "All_Local-Administrators" is member of the "Administrators" group so the policy is working fine and does what it should. 

    Strangely members of the group "(LocationPrefix)_Local-Administrators" are not privileged to run something as admin. It says elevation required. If I delete the user Profile from this user and try again same error. If I login to the computer via RDP to get a full Desktop etc. it recognized the group and the user is Local Admin from then on. Is there any solution to prevent this? It´s not acceptable to login with a local admin first  to a full deskop for being able to do helpdesk stuff. Usually one connects via remote assistance and says run as administrator and enter his/her credentials.

    Thanks //Marvin

    Monday, June 20, 2016 9:45 AM

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