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  • Hey Support,


    I have an issue which has bugged me for days and I really really need  solution. Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.

    I am a admin at a company which was buggered up by previous admins and I have 1 simple issue left unsolved.

    I am running windows server 2008 with exchange server 2007 version 08.01.0393.001 which I think translates to SP1.

    Now I have a client sending a mail wiht a .PDF extension attachment added to the mail. when it reaches the exchange server and I look at the mail via message tracking it size seems correct including the attachment but when its delivered to the mailboxes its not there and in OWA the mail size is some hundred KB smaller without the attachment.

    And this happens for only this one sender. All else is fine. If he mails the same mail to my GMAIL account and if  I simply forward it the message is received fine with the attachment. its just when he sends it. I have tried asking the client to change his outlook formatting settings and no joy.


    Please if there is any info you require from me or any tests you wish me to do I will I just need a solution since a new installation is only being budgeted for in 2012 I cannot just buy a new version  with Cals.


    I have read though it might me a bug which was addressed post SP3. I really just need to hear froma proficient admin who can advise me through this issue.

    Thanx everyone and I regard every post as legit and an attempt to really help.

    Really appreciate it.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011 8:14 PM

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    1. 1st of all I would upgrade to the latest Sp and rollup for 2007 and then test again.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:20 PM