Address Book contacts phone number is being normalized eventhough it is configured to not do so. RRS feed

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  • This is an integration of Exchange 365 with Skype for Business. We have to use some complicated normalization rules because we still have PBXs connected via tie-line. The PBX system uses a set of numbers prepended to the called number the call to the appropriate PBX to be handed off to the carrier. In the example below 7711321 is prepended to the called number (Mobile) so that the PBX can route the call to another PBX via tie-line. This is done behind the scene and the users should not have to see this in their contacts list. When configuring Skype the "UseNormalizationRules" option is set to false, however, the contacts phone number are still showing up as normalized. After setting the UseNormalizationRules to false we did an Update-CsAddressBook and gave it ample time to replicate (over night). Is there a way to not normalize the numbers in the address book?


    Identity                   : Global
    RunTimeOfDay               : 1:30 AM
    KeepDuration               : 30
    SynchronizePollingInterval : 00:05:00
    MaxDeltaFileSizePercentage : 20
    UseNormalizationRules      : False
    IgnoreGenericRules         : False
    EnableFileGeneration       : True
    MaxFileShareThreadCount    : 300
    EnableSearchByDialPad      : True
    EnablePhotoSearch          : True
    PhotoCacheRefreshInterval  : 1.00:00:00

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  • In Skype for Business, you always have to normalize to E.164.

    You can normalize the phone numbers back to your required format for the carrier on the trunk configuration and normalize the called number to your requirements.

    regards Holger Technical Specialist UC

    Thursday, March 31, 2016 6:30 AM