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  • Hi,My team is part of a larger project and i don't know how to setup the resource allocation in Ms Project.

    So, it goes like this.

    We are part of a 36 Month (36M) project. And the first task goes from M1 to M36. But in this task my team has two subtasks and has to work only equivalent of 5M, and i can distribute the hours however I want and with how many people i want.

    In MS project I did the following

    1. Set the 2 subtask names

    2. Set the start date (M1) and end date (M36) for the subtasks(ST)

    3. A duration of 782 days was indicated.

    4. Define 3 workers.

    I want to do the following.

    1. Enter the exact hours for each worker(W) for each ST (1st W /1st ST  - 200h, 2nd W/1st ST - 150h, 3rd W/1s tST - 50h -  the same for the second ST)

    2. Enter the actual work that a worker did for the first month in both ST (1st W/1st ST 10, 2nd W/1st ST 70, 3rd W/1st ST 25) the same for the secont ST

    3. Distribute the hours from point 2 only on the current month so that each worker will not have more than 8h/day and the hour distribution to be an integer (i.e. 4h for the fist ST and 4h for the second ST on Day 11).

    How can I do this so that:

    a. when i will insert the total hours and the actual hours worked the total duration of the task (782d) don't change

    b. when i will insert the actual work, this to be distributed on the current month with integers (2h day 1, 3h day 2, etc.)

    c. when the same worker works in the two subtasks the hours to be distributed so that the sum of the hours not to exceed 8h/day



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  • Some essential information is missing, and too many artificial constraints.

    Are both tasks auto-scheduled?

    Did you input both the start dates and the finish dates for manually scheduled tasks, or did you input a duration for auto-scheduled tasks?

    What is the start date of the project?

    What calendar are you using for the project calendar?

    I started with auto-scheduled tasks, project start date = 01/01/2016, and duration = "36 mo".

    The finish date is 04/10/2018 17:00 (there have been no changes to working days and working hours from the standard calendar, nor any change in file, options, schedule for 1 day = 8 hours, nor any change to default start and finish times).

    Then I checked for the number of working days in "36 mo", and that's 720 working days.

    Then I used resource, assign resources to assign your 3 persons to the hours you specified, by typing in 200, 150, 50 in the units slot.

    That's the first part. Then the second part is about tracking the progress. Set the status date to the last date in January. Go to the task usage view, display the actual work in the grid, change the timescale resolution to months, type in the actual work for the first month for each person. Then MSP adjusts the duration to 705 days so that he total work is preserved at 400 hours per task.

    Any help?

    Sunday, October 23, 2016 12:56 AM