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  • We use in our environment Steady State for public Internet Access on 11 PCs.
    Every User with an account has to enter his accountnumber and his password in an java-application and this application checks the account against an ldap-Server.
    The Java-Application starts via gpedit.msc->User Configuration->Skripts.
    I used "control userpasswords2" to configure every PC to autologon an special account (on PC2: account www1, on PC2: www2 and so on).
    The local Admin-Account ist hidden (HKLM->..WinLogon->Special Account), and the "Welcome"-Screen enabled.
    After startup the PC stops with the Java-Application to login an user with his library account.
    If the first user logs out, the system shows the welcome-screen and the next user only has to klick on the button to start the authentification against the ldap.

    We use XP,SP3 and Steady State 2.5.
    On 2 machines the old ShardComputer Toolkit is installed (XP SP2) with the same java-application.

    My problem is that the java-application shuts down automatically after about 5 minutes on the Steady-State-PCs, on the Shared-Computer-Toolkit-PCs everything ist o.k.

    As a workaround it would be o.k. if the PC doesn´t do an autologon but it seems to be impossible to reconfigure the PC in the way that the systems starts and stops with the known welcome-screen and the user only has to klick on the picture.
    If I disable the welcome-screen and delete the "defaultusername" in the registry, the PC shows the empty login-screen (the classical login), that´s not wat I want because every user asks for the password.

    I hope that the problem is clear, please excuse the bad english.

    It was the TimeOut-Limit for the "Gruppenrichtlinie".
    Now everything works fine.

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