I feel like HP is screwing me with my pants down!


  • My laptop is only 3 months old.  It's an HP model 15-ax041wm with a one (1) year warranty!  Product no.: XOH8UA#ABA, SERIAL NO.: CMD71970X4.  Last week after an automatic Windows upgrade my screen went black and I was unable to use the PC.  I called HP and was shocked to hear that they wouldn’t repair it because it was a software issue, not hardware.  Since when does HP not support everything on the PC’s it sells!  They wanted to charge me $150.00 to purchase the software portion of the warranty!  I refused to be robbed like this! 

    Three (3) days ago I called an “HP Representative “on the telephone (Using an HP support phone number I found on the internet!!) who said he could add the software warranty to my warranty plan for an additional ($100.00) one hundred dollars.  I felt I had no choice, so I paid him $100.00 with my debit card.  It turned out to be a scam and I lost the $100.00!  What are you guys going to do to help me?

    In desperation yesterday, I tried getting the PC to work by myself.  I pressed the Alt, Ctrl, Delete keys to bring up the “Task Manager” option.  I then selected “File” and selected “run a new task” that said; “explorer.exe”.  I hit enter and “what do ya know” the PC came back on!!!!!

    Today I got two (2) automated phone messages (one on my cell phone and another on my home phone) from Microsoft warning me not to purchase anything on the internet, apparently someone has now hacked my laptop.  What the hell is going on guys?   I keep calling HP support and keep getting hung up on!  One thing is for sure, I’ll never buy another HP product again!


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    Tuesday, November 14, 2017 9:31 PM