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  • We have 5 host machines running on Hyper-v cluster using cluster shared volume and also DPM 2010 stand lone application is installed on each host server, each host machines contains 2or3 VM's running on it with different applications. Now my question is I need to take backup for all VM's and also application backup within the Virtual machines also.


    1) Network is configured in such a way each host machine can VM within that host and also can talk to another host machine but not inside the virtual machines.

    2) We can install agents to take application backup but Since I have 5 individual DPM servers installed on each host machines, how should I take Complete VM backup which is running on hyper-v cluster?

    So finally I need to take both VHD backup as well as application backup

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    Thanks Sriram

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012 8:57 AM

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  • Hi Srriam,

    I am not sure if I understand you network completly - there might be a better solution but I don't have the data for that.

    For application level backups - are you saying that the VMs are using an "internal" network? I am assuming that is the reason why you have 5 different DPM servers?

    You are saying that the host machines are able to talk to each other. Fine then use 1 DPM machine which is running on a host to protect all your VMs because as long as DPM is in the same network as your hosts it is able to communicate to all of them as well in addition you will be able to save those app data. Just ensure that when creating a Protection Group you select the "Cluster Ressource Name" and protect the VMs from there. Do not go to the Host level as DPM will not be able to "follow" a VM if it Life Migrates or similar. Or is there a reason why this is not possible? Two more things - if you put the DPM on one of the host make sure that the storage pool is not local - that it is within a NAS/SAN... and that the DPM-DB is regularly saved to a different location.

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:14 PM
  • Hi Sroe

    Thanks for your reply. let me give you brief detail about my network which will help you to understand.

    I have five physical clustered host server with hyper--v installed. Each host server is having a five virtual machines. Each host have dedicated lan for server, virtual machines, hearbeat and one dedicated for dpm.

    All server have DPM installed. Host to host communication is there. But VM have different VLAN and there is no communication between each host VM.All VMs are in CSV.

    Now my concern is i have to take the application backup in vm as well as virtual machines vhd backup.

    So how can i achieve this two different things with one DPM server.

    Also i want to know how to take backup of csv and how can i restore. Now what i have done is i have installed one DPM server agent in all five server and stopped the DPM services in all other servers. Then i am able to take the full virtual machine backup. But if i have to take application backup inside VM then i have to start each DPM services in others server and then only i can achieve this.

    But i think this is not feasible work around. Kinldy suggest

    Thanks Sriram

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012 5:15 PM