App-V 5.0 SP2 | Integration Manager Internal Error 5C00142180004005


  • Hi all,

    I've just created a package with App-V 5 SP2 sequencer on Windows 7 SP1 (x86)

    When i test the application on the sequencer, it works.

    When i manually try to add the package with powershell to another workstation (add-appvclientpackage -> publish-appvclientpackage), it gives me the following error;

    As described, i should see an error in the App-v Client log in the "Application and Services" log, but there are no entries for this specific error there.

    Is there anyone else who has seen this error before?


    <ISSUE CODE="5" SEVERITY="WRN" MODULE="3731881984">
    <DESCRIPTION SHORT="DCOM subsystem detected." FULL="The sequencer detected a DCOM subsystem. Application components that use DCOM will not work with App-V."/>
    <RESOLUTION SHORT="Verify package functionality." FULL="Thoroughly test your virtual application package to verify functionality."/>
    <MOREINFO DESCRIPTION="The DCOM subsystems detected are as follows:">
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="TemplatePackagerCore (AccessPermission)"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="TemplatePackagerCore (LaunchPermission)"/>
    <ISSUE CODE="12" SEVERITY="WRN" MODULE="3731881984">
    <DESCRIPTION SHORT="Files excluded from package." FULL="One or more files were excluded from the package because they are located in excluded paths. Missing files can cause unexpected application failures."/>
    <RESOLUTION SHORT="Verify package functionality." FULL="To add an excluded file to the package, do the following:&#xA;1) Remove the path from the exclusion list using the sequencer options page.&#xA;2) Add the file using the Virtual File System Tab in the sequencer and resave the package."/>
    <MOREINFO DESCRIPTION="The following files were excluded:">
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\System Volume Information"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\System Volume Information\SPP"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\System Volume Information\SPP\OnlineMetadataCache"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\System Volume Information\SPP\OnlineMetadataCache\{73948277-047d-4159-bd39-474eefff10c8}_OnDiskSnapshotProp"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\System Volume Information\SPP\OnlineMetadataCache\{76a3e5e4-2229-499d-80cd-3d9f330cb541}_OnDiskSnapshotProp"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\System Volume Information\SPP\OnlineMetadataCache\{c3fba87b-47f5-4cd3-8ccd-61fa44e295ef}_OnDiskSnapshotProp"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\Users\Gebruiker\AppData\Local\Temp"/>
    <ITEM DESCRIPTION="C:\Users\Gebruiker\ntuser.dat.LOG1"/>
    </MOREINFO></ISSUE><ISSUE CODE="196610" SEVERITY="WRN" MODULE="2878341120"></reporting>


    Thursday, February 27, 2014 7:35 AM


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