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    SharePoint 2010 Farm with SQL Server 2008 R2 databases.

    The SharePoint 2010 Farm itself is hosted/Managed via 2 servers.  One handles the SP Farm and services while the other server hosts the apps (i.e Excel Services)  

    The Databases used by the SP farm are all hosted on the same SQL Server instance which is running SQL Server 2008 R2.  This same SQL Server instance does host a few non-SharePoint databases as well but its mainly for the databases used by the SP 2010 Farm.


    Currently the Backup of the SP Farm and the databases used by the farm is managed via DPM 2012.


    According to the Microsoft Support Tech our “ central administration site (configuration) “ database has corruption.


    Using DPM 2012 what Recovery Method/Option should I use to Recover our SP2010 environment from a backup made by DPM 2012 before the database (with the corruption) went bad?


    With so many pieces involved in SharePoint I’m at a loss as to what  Recovery method in DPM to select.  I know we could do a full Recover of the SP Farm as of the point in time when it  was backed before the DB corruption occurred but our owners/management do not want to lose any information/changes made within the SharePoint farm that are not directly tied to the corrupt database.  

    I would think that you could just recover the corrupt database from a backup but I know that SharePoint is spread across all the various DB’s  hosted on the SQL Server instance we are using and so my thought is how do you restore just the corrupt DB when doing so would seemingly produce an out of sync environment.  Would the recovery of this one DB which is recovered as of X days ago then be out of sync with the rest of the SP databases not to mention the SP Farm that’s not part of the databases?  Or would that even matter?

    The complexity of the relationship among all the various pieces of a SP Farm make it very difficult to determine how to recover the thing under any scenario other than recovery of the whole thing.   If we had lost our database server and decided to recover the entire SP 2010 farm then the choices in DPM 2012 would (I think) be easier to determine and implement.  But when you have a scenario that requires the recovery of only 1 of the SP databases how do you know what Recovery path to take so as to produce a working SP farm with the least amount of loss and the least risk of other problems that could arise form having out of sync pieces of SharePoint?

    I’m not a SharePoint expert and my knowledge of DPM is restricted to normal (that means not SharePoint) SQL Server databases and so I’m an amateur when it comes to recovery of SharePoint.  I can contact MS Support for help on this if needed be but I was hoping someone here might have some insight into this kind of scenario and that way I can be better prepared for how to make this happen should the call be made that we need to recover the corrupt database.

    Any comment and or thoughts are most welcome.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012 4:39 PM