Designing a report through PWA to show specific milestones of multiple projects in a table RRS feed

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  • Hi All

    I thank you for your help in advance.

    I currently manage ~30 projects which all follow a similar process flow so I would like to create a automatic summary table in a PWA report which shows a list of all the projects and the dates each milestone is due. If possible I would also like a line in showing the baseline date for each milestone. Below is roughly what I currently do, however this is completely manual and I am sure that there must be a way to do it though the PWA system.

    Project Name    Milestone 1   Milestone2   Milestone 3   Milestone 4   Milestone 5 ...

    Project 1               Date             Date           Date            Date             Date

    Project 2               Date             Date           Date            Date             Date

    Project 3               Date             Date           Date            Date             Date

    Thank you for your help


    Tuesday, February 21, 2017 10:15 AM


  • This issue was resolved.

    For anyone with the same query a report can be made with either excel or Power BI by exporting the Odata.

    To create the column headers you have to create a new enterprise custom field in Project online, mine was called "Key Milestones". By typing an identifier into each milestone task, e.g. "Yes" you can filter your pivot tables in your Excel / Power BI report to only show tasks with a "Yes" in the "Key Milestones column"

    All the other detail: baselines; finish variance, can be selected from the Odata tables exported from Project Online

    I hope this helps

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    Wednesday, January 3, 2018 8:19 AM