Firewire HCL Windows 7 RRS feed

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  • I purchased a Dell Optiplex 745 and installed a PCI firewire card in it from Rosewill. It states that it is windows 7 compatible. Is this true or is the manufacture pulling my leg? I already checked the HCL and it appears that Windows 7 does not fully support firewire natively. This should be boldly explained on the packaging as a disclaimer that it may or may not work with your supposed firewire hardware. Just like cigaretts may cause cancer Windows 7 may cause you to pull your hair out by the roots. Seriously audio and video professionals can't live or support them selves on hardware that "may" work with your operating system. I need this to work. I don't have time for suggestions or "this may work" fixes that don't work. If Microsoft does not have a fix for this or a recommended solution that comes from someone that actually works for Microsoft don't waste my time. I have already done enough of that. Again firewire driver should never of been messed with. If it works don't fix it to make it better.

    Anyway I have a canon camcorder that is recognized in a Dell Latitude on the firewire port right away with Windows 7 but the same camera is not recognized on an Optiplex 745. Can someone point me in the right direction. Oh and the legacy driver switch "fix" does not work at all so don't waste your time either. I have never had an issues with the firewire on this system until I upgraded to windows 7.

    Does anyone have a working solution for this issue? Microsoft?

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011 4:27 AM