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    We have a client that has put forward the change request in our delivered dashboards, but which also reflects in the assigned input forms that we have created in PBM.


    When a certain user has access to a limited leaf-level number of business units, that user will see the aggregations upward through the hierarchy up to total Business, which includes only the totals of the business units he/she has been configured to see through the Security and Roles set in Planning Business Modeler.


    Therefore, in the dashboards as well as other reports, she would see the same total for Total BUSINESS as for the lower level totals for "industry sector" for example.


    How can I configure it for a user to be able to see the "TRUE" business sector totals and true other totals as they aggregate up.


    The client wants a clear "ONE VERSION OF THE TRUTH" and therefore needs to have this implemented.



    Any help here would be most welcome. Also, if it is not out of the box, I would like a recommendation as to how to proceed.



    Thank you in advance for your time and efforts in this matter.




    Monday, February 4, 2008 3:58 PM

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  • In order to further clarify the issue I would like to give an example of what the client sees now and what should be arrived at:


    Currrent Business Unit Structure in Planning Business Modeler:


    + Total Business Units World Wide

    + Industry Sector

    + Maintenance Sector 1

    - Business Unit 1

    - Business Unit 2

    + Maintenance Sector 2

    - Business Unit 3

    - Business Unit 4


    In PBM, a user has been defined as having access within a role and specific to Business Units 3 and 4.

    In Dashboard, all users may use and view all dashboards.

    The report created for the dashboard defines that all users are allowed to see all BU levels.


    The point here is that the user defined as described above, will see his/her BUs and the total of "Maintenance Sector 2", which carries the correct values.


    If, however, we look at the values on the other levels: Industry Sector and Total Business Units World Wide, they also show the same totals as the "Maintenance Sector 2".


    The client would like to have the person NOT access the details of other levels, but the totals as described above should be the totals of the company, as if the User was defined as a System Admin (for rolled-up totals only). All numbers should tie with all user views at the same level of hierarchy, which therefore ensure that everyone will be talking about the same aggregate numbers all the time.


    Hope that clarification helps in offering me (I'm hoping), and out of the box answer or something that takes little time to configure...




    Thank you in advance for your time and efforts in this matter.




    Tuesday, February 5, 2008 10:23 AM

    I haven't got as far as you in looking at this so I'm not sure how users connect to the OLAP cube via a dashboard. But if it is using Windows authentication then could this be achieved by switching off VisualTotals in the underlying cube?
    Friday, February 8, 2008 10:50 AM