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  • Subject: How a single exchange on a domain can be use by other domains ?

    Dear all,

    first of all thanks a lot for visiting for this question.

    firstly I present current layout.

    1) I have a domain .  e.g.,      

          domain name: A.B.C  ,  

         Exchange Server 2013 FQDN:     EXS.A.B.C  (

         domain controller is   :     DC.A.B.C     (

         IP range:

        users examples:       Umer@A.B.C,  Ali@A.B.C  

    2) I have other 10+ independent sites  with different domain and different IP range. 

    all sites connected though VPN. and can ping each other.


    sites configuration example.

    2.1) site1 

              domain name :     E.F

              Domain controller name:     DC.E.F  (

             IP range :

             user example:    Ahmed@E.F ,    Fahad@E.F , ....

    now situation is that

    my Main Office has only exchange server 2013 installed and all users and department on main office have their emails.

    Q1: I want other sites use this exchange server (MXS.A.B.C) .

    Q2: what are possible methods can be ?

    Q3:  can I use single Exchange server (MXS.A.B.C) to store mailboxes of other sites and other sites use this Exchange server with their user names.

        Ahmed@E.F ,    Fahad@E.F   but in  MXS

    what I tried :

    I added "accepted domain" as "F.E"

    I added emails policy and add email address format  "smtp@F.E" and applied

    but I could not find way to add mailbox Ahmed@E.F ,    Fahad@E.F 

    and what else I need to do and why i don't find domain: "E.F" in "MXS.A.B.C" mailbox ?

    Thanks a lot in advance for helping me.


    all networks (,, ..... ) can ping each others.

    Thursday, December 29, 2016 7:07 AM

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