Logon_User, Auth_User, Remote_User - Empty when WAP and ADFS is added RRS feed

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  • We have successfully implemented ADFS 3.0 on multiple of our external servers with little or no issue.  We added another external server and attempted to use the same set-up we currently have.  However, the server variables of  Logon_User, Auth_User and Remote_User are empty after a user logs on.  We use these for various web api and web method calls.   If I remove the adfs and wap from the setup, i.e. change the web.config to a default web.config from visual studio, the server variables are populated.  Put the application's web configuration back, they are empty again.  Does anyone know what I need to change in IIS, ADFS or WAP to make the values populate?  Why in this particular setup , but not in any of our other web servers?  Any help or direction would be appreciated.

    Current configuration using IIS 10 on server 2016, ADFS 3.0 on server 2012, WAP on server 2012

    Working configuration:  IIS8 on server 2012 and the same ADFS and WAP from above

    Friday, August 2, 2019 3:07 PM