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  • I know this question has been asked and addressed multiple times throughout this forum, and after reading through most of them...I have a headache :).  I think I have a pretty good grasp of the fundamentals -- why the calculations are the way they are, etc. etc.  After reading through everything, it seems like the best way for me to go is to use a Decreasing is Better method,with Band by Stated Score (advanced) for my scoring pattern.  The problem I'm having is that after setting my scoring pattern and trying to review the results in my scorecard, my Target column just says "Error".

    Some KPI background: This is for a school system, we have set a goal for each high school to reduce their Freshmen Retention rate by 10% annually.  So if last year's retention rate was 19.1%, the goal for this year is 17.19%.  

    I wanted my indicators to be:
    At or Below Goal: Green
    Between Goal & Last Year's %: Yellow
    Above Last Year's %: Red

    My data is stored in an Analysis Services 2008 cube.  The Current Year & Prior Year %s are showing up with no issue.   In trying to set my Threshold, and since my Actual & Target values vary by school I wanted to use "Band by Stated Score".  When I select the value from my cube (Current Year %) and view the scorecard, that's when I get the error.  For testing purposes, if I use a Fixed value instead of the database value, or if I use either of the other two scoring methods, the correct % displays in the target, but the indicators are not correct.

    Can somebody give me an idea of why selecting the actual % would be causing an error?

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 8:40 PM


  • I was receiving this error due to the criteria I had set up to create my threshold (Decreasing is Better; Band by Stated Score (Advanced) -- PerformancePoint was expecting a value to be returned between 1 (Worst Case Scenario) and -1 (Best Case Scenario).  The value I was passing in was the actual %, which I guess was causing PP some confusion.  To resolve the issue, I created a new Calculated Member in Analysis Services that returned a value between 1 & -1, and everything started working fine.

    In case it might help anybody else having this type of problem, my Calculated Member looks like:

     When [Measures].[Retention Goal] > [Measures].[Retention Rate] Then -1
     When [Measures].[Retention Rate] > (ParallelPeriod([School Dates].[End Year].[End Year], 1, [School Dates].[End Year].CurrentMember), [Measures].[Retention Rate]) Then 1
     Else 0

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