Windows 10 Entreprise, SCCM, O365: are account profile settings saved on OD?


  • In our organization, we (my colleagues) deployed Windows 10 Entreprise CBB 1511 via System Center. Each user has an Office365 account and log on with this account, linked to ADDS (Work account).

    Each user can personalize his PC, but I was wondering how it works if the user connects to another computer or if its PC gets staged again / reinstalled.

    AFAIK, the profile used to be saved/sync on AD. Now, all documents are only on OneDrive for business (OD). Is the profile also sync on AD?

    With a personal account, settings (profile and apps) are backup in the Microsoft account linked to the account. When no MS account and using OD, it is the same behavior?

    Thursday, February 23, 2017 8:57 AM

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