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  • Hey Guys and Women,

    I have been using Powershell for like...ever now would be the most accurate as I can think.  I tinkered with 1.0, briefly.  2.0 I latched on to more and of course 3 and up I adopted full heartily.  I also have been coding in C++ for a little time and assembly back in the Dos days (80s and 90s) with a job as a chip programming for a security system firm.  I also did electronic technician work for several companies.  I have geek identity problems okay, I can't sit still on one thing.  My forte is Powershell, C# (pretty much .NET), NodeJS, and currently surprised myself at how fast I am grasping Python that I should be up to almost par with my PS skills in maybe another year (due to busy working on other projects in other languages).  Also know Angular 1 and 2.  The MVC framework I like so much that I have adopted the model in even my bigger Powershell scripts.

    Now to the question.  I like contributing.  It is what drives me, learning and sharing.  I currently contribute heavily on Stack Overflow and in the G+ Powershell channels.  What I would like to know is how do I contribute here?

    I been through the wiki to look at stuff already submitted for Powershell.  I see stuff for some of the things I have in mind but missing a lot I can add.  Example would be the below.  Maybe you would like to take the reigns on this?

    1) Eventful jobs - How to build your own jobs that has custom events to alert you on console of statuses.  It should cover custom eventing, not the State event built into jobs.  Say you want your job to run forever but let you know of statuses on screen, etc.

    2) In relation to the above - take a bad thing and turn it good.  This is a hobby project of mine that I find useful things out of the techniques bad guys use.  An example would be postings of the rolling progress of how to use another simple project like the the DirtyWebServer one here by ObscureSec github and download cradles to create a tool for remote administration using Powershell.

    Of course with the 2nd one above most of the use cases can be performed with DSC, psremoting or maybe even WMI jobs in one configuration or another.  The main purpose of it is to understand multiple technologies I am trying to employ from Powershell like the new classes in PS5, jobs and Custom events...not to mention big module creation.  (This is a learning experience for me too since most of my scripts are synchronous except for a few I know takes forever and don't like multiple workspaces open that I throw off as jobs, sometimes with custom events.  Also show how a script can be independent on a machine and just make calls to get dynamic instructions from a remote source. (Can you say intro to how basic download cradles and C&C servers work in Powershell).  Not meant to proliferate and habit of badness.  Just educational.

    Anyway, those are my ideas I want to contribute but of course I do not have a forum....just a github repo.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 6:04 PM


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