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    We have a farm with two internal WFEs, one firewalled WFE, a SQL and Index server hosting two MOSS sites. The internal WFEs are not load balanced.

    1. CA is on "WFE_A".
    2. "Site_B", say, is hosted on "WFE_B": the IP is set on WFE_B, IIS is set to that IP, and AAM has been set to point to the IP. Soon, we're going to edit the DNS to resolve with a URL.
    3. We set up a second SSP, "SSP_B", to handle search, and limit it to only "Site_B".

    Before we set the IP and AAM, search was working great. Once we made the changes, we ran into errors, like "Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.proc_MSS_GetCrawlHistory'." Asked a related question here, followed the instructions, but nothing worked.

    Tried deleting/recreating the SSP. I'm able to create the new SSP_B (I change the name slightly for new versions, eg: SSP_B1), but when I try to modify Content Sources and Crawl Schedules I get the GetCrawlHistory error.

    Since search works fine for Site_A, we've deleted SSP_B. Now we're getting a DisplayInAdminUI error.

    We're looking for new things to try, and open to suggestions. My question, however, is, in our case, whether it's ideal to have all sites in one SSP and scope them per site, or if we should continue to try using multiple SSPs?

    Much thanks.

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