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  • Hi there!

    We're on Project Server 2010.

    We've been having an ongoing struggle with custom Project Site permissions being overwritten from time to time.  We've unchecked the auto sync for Project Site Permissions.  I believe that's working well.  I suspect where our troubles come from are the PSI.  Calling QueuePublish through the PSI is the only way I've been able to replicate the issue.  However, we've been unable to find out what is making this call.  For example, Our tier 1 support person will see all is well with a Project Site's custom permissions late in the afternoon.  But the next day the permissions will have been overwritten and it seems everyone in the Project Managers group and Web Administrators have been added back to the site.  I can even see in the ULS logs where it appears the Publish occured, but unable to identify what called it.

    I also attempted the steps in this article ( ) to disable synchronization for Project Sites (DisablePWS = 2) with no success.  Even when I use DisableAll (4) the user sync fires when the QueuePublish is used through the PSI.  This would be a great solution if I can get it to work.

    Has anyone had success completely eliminating PWA to Project Site permission syncs?  Either through identifying what jobs may trigger a full publish or by making the sync change detailed in the article I linked?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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