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    first of all I ma new to MDT & does not really knows how exactly it works.

    I need to accomplish two tasks in my company

    1. deploy a custom image through MDT/WDS.

    2. capture a customized image.

    I will start from task 2 senario

    I created a task sequnce based on standard task sequence in MDT,  this installs standard windows. then i do my customization in refrence computer and in unattend.xml (customized oobe / specialize passes in unattend.xml), this unattend belongs to capture sequence & run the capture sequence. this prefectly captures the custom.wim


    1. now in some of remote locations we cannot reach through nbetwork. so we use manual dism.exe /apply-image method. we use this custom.wim. in this way there is no customization applied & its just as plain windows installation.

    2. if i use MDT to deploy custom image, this takes unattend file of deploy task sequence. (again no customization)

    oner thing i noticed when i extracted custom.wim is that there is no panther folder in custom.wim. while i remember old dism /capture-image method kept unattend in pather folder.

    please help in achieving my tasks.

    Desktop Technology Specialist

    Friday, October 24, 2014 7:24 PM

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  • In some Windows capture scenarios, you may place an unattend.xml file within the captured image so that WIndows Setup will apply the settings within the unattend.xml file.

    However, MDT tries not to make any Assumptions as to any unattend.xml files in the image itself. Instead it will assume that no file is there, and it will not copy one to the image if MDT is performing the capture.

    MDT will use an unattend.xml file from c:\program files\microsoft deployment toolkit\templates\unattend* in it's deployment. You may modify this template and/or use your own. *HOWEVER* there are several necessary elements in the unattend.xml that *MUST* exist for MDT to work correctly. If you don't know what these required MDT unattend.xml file elements are, the best leave the unattend.xml template files as-is.

    If you are having network problems, please look into Linked Deployment Shares in MDT, that will allow you to copy a deployment share (it's just a network file share) to another machine, perhaps one located at each remote site.

    Keith Garner - Principal Consultant [owner] -

    Monday, October 27, 2014 1:30 AM