SharePoint Approval Workflow not available for some Site Collections


  • Hi, I need some ideas.

    We have some site collections where we dont have the option for a approval workflow. That is on QA and Prod for the site collections apart from one site collection where it works on Prod but not on QA. Chose that one to test on but on most of the site collections it does not work on QA or Prod.



    Site Collection Features that is running:


    SharePoint 2007 workflows

    Publishing approval Workflows

    Disposition Approval workflow

    Somewhere someone suggested I clear the server cache. That has been done.

    The workflow timer service is running on our 2 x WFE server.

    I have disabled the workflow feature and enabled it again. No luck

    Where can I start digging?

    Thursday, March 30, 2017 8:14 AM


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