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  • I have a two node cluster as a test DirectAccess environment. I will summarize my situation:

    * Cluster nodes are VMs

    * Cluster account password changed; cluster broke. Changed cluster accounts in UAG Mgr - cluster remained broke

    (NOTE: by broke, the cluster could not synchronize the configuration across the nodes)

    * Rolled VMs back to image taken a couple of months prior and reverted the cluster account password back to what is at the time of the image

    * Computer account passwords for the cluster nodes had chaged between the time the image was taken and I rolled them back - nodes now have a broken trust relationship with the domain.

    * Local administrator account passwords lost and are being retrieved.

    * I cannot logon locally, cannot logon to domain. According to online resources, only Server 2008 domain controllers can have the computer account passwords reset

    These two servers are dead and I want them removed from my environment. They are test servers, but were built on my production domain. Does anyone have a manual process to follow that thoroughly removes a UAGDA instance from Active Directory? That would be my ideal solution - a manual UAGDA removal followed by deleting the VMs and starting over with a new UAG DA test environment.

    Please no questions about why test servers are on a production domain, or how did the trust relationship get broken, etc. It is what it is - a mess. I have to clean it up.



    Tuesday, October 9, 2012 11:08 PM

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  • Hi,

    I would remove the UAG servers from the network and delete the computer objects.

    For the DA config depending on how it was installed delete the 3 UAG DA GPO's and any group's that may have been created.

    Be careful with domain machines that may have the client GPO applied and the DCA install on them. Hopefully these was test machines as well?

    Hopefully at this point you will be able to rebuild the UAG servers and start again.

    Regards, Rmknight

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012 8:21 AM