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  • Keeps reloading pages and random, keeps going back in navigation at random, pages keep going blank. Anything that has even the smallest hint of local, client-side scripts is totally useless and unusable, same goes for anything that has images or any sort of ads (at least bring back ad-blocking!). Seems the only thing it is good at is parsing pure HTML.

    How hard can it possibly be to nail this properly? The hallmark of a smartphone is its browser, and edge totally sucks. IE in WP8.1 was light years away in performance and reliability.

    Now, even in the latest previews as well as the latest release branches, Edge just s.u.c.k.s and none of the issues ever seem to be fixed (instead we get useless features like read aloud, like anyone is going to ever use that if Edge can't even load the most basic pages).

    If you can't nail a browser properly, at least let other companies bring their browsers to windows 10 mobile without nasty performance penalties.. You have clearly failed this, it is time to let others pick up the problem and fix it. 

    Sunday, February 12, 2017 9:02 PM

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  • I completely agree with you.  I just changed carriers/networks and switched back to an Android phone for this very reason.  The Windows phone interface is way better than Android (or iOS for that matter, I've owned all 3), but the Edge browser is unusable on many websites.  Given the lack of apps, it makes the phone useless for many things I need to do with it.  Some important websites don't work with Edge (either crash the phone, can't input into fields, turn the screen black, flicker like mad, etc).  Things like banking and retirement websites that  I need to access do this.  They work fine in Android, iOS or on the PC.  Too many times I found myself having to wait until I could access the PC to do simple things.   If there was an alternative browser like Firefox available that could use it's own rendering engine (I know Opera renders on its servers, but its toooo sloooow), then I would have purchased another Windows phone.  For the forseeable future, I'll be stuck with Android which brings its own set of issues (but at least I can work around them).

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