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  • I hope this is the right forum for this, but if not could someone let me know which one is.


    Certain avi files won't open in Windows Media Player (in fact WMP stops responding when it tries.)  These files can be manipulated happily in Explorer when stored on the local hard drive and can be opened with other types of video player (GOM Player, for example) so they must be valid files by some definition.  These files can be successfully burned to DVD-R using Windows (Autoplay->Burn files to disc using Windows) and accepting default formatting options (Live File System, UDF Version 2.01) but then the problem I'm talking about begins.  The files cannot be opened or even browsed in Explorer, any attempt to do so seems to upset Explorer and cause it to stop working.  You can see the DVD contents briefly using Windows Explorer (so they are there, presumably) but shortly afterwards Explorer displays the green sliding bar along the top and re-starts itself.  I think Vista/Explorer may be attempting to generate a preview picture and failing because it doesn't recognise the file format (or is that codec?) and I have tried to encourage explorer to operate in details or list view to compensate.  I think I made it work once but have never since been able to replicate that success.


    Can anybody help, please?  I suppose there is more than one problem here, at least one software and maybe one hardware but I suspect that the problems identified above are all symptoms of one root cause.  Any advice would be much appreciated.


    Thanks, Will

    Saturday, May 31, 2008 11:48 PM