VMM2016 differences when adding a new host to an existing cluster


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    Seeing some changes between VMM 2012R2 and 2016 when adding a new host to an existing cluster.  Environment, 2012R2 Hosts with converged storage and presenting them as SMB shares with VMM2016 upgraded from 2012R2.  Previously in VMM2012R2 you could skip cluster validation using the checkbox on the page when adding the host.  Now when a host is added in 2016VMM the validation runs which in our case is not desirable with 10-15 hosts per cluster and several hundred VMs in different states.  We're working around it by using Failover Cluster Manager and adding the host to the cluster after it's in VMM.  The issue we're running into though is the SMB shares that are registered on the cluster are not being registered during the refresh of the cluster after FCM has been used.  Most likely since VMM manages storage and the new host came in a different way.  Is there away to bring a new node into the cluster using VMM without running the validation?  Any thoughts about bringing back the Skip Validation checkbox for VMM2016?  We understand the importance of the cluster validation especially when needing MS support, we can do that in FCM before and/or after the host add.


    Dave Kreitel

    Tuesday, April 24, 2018 1:28 PM

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  • Hello Dave,

    If you right click the Hyper-V Cluster in the fabric, and choose Add Cluster Node. 

    From the Wizard, you can see the checkbox for Skip cluster validation.

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    Andy Liu

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