How to Capture User Submitted Values in SSRS?


  • Hello - if you look at the query below, two fields ' FDOC yyyymmdd' and ' ' LDOC yyyymmdd'' are empty and it is because I want in SSRS two text boxes where Users will provide these 'FDOC yyyymmdd' and 'LDOC yyyymmdd' values and when run report user entered values will pass thru the report. How is it possible? Thanks in advance!

          '0' as 'TYPE'
         ,'TBCCA' as 'Acc ID'
         ,'12882' as 'BEID'
         , '' as ' # OF UNITS'
         , Circuit_Total as 'AMT'
         ,'D' as 'D or C'
         , '' as ' FDOC yyyymmdd'
         , '' as ' LDOC yyyymmdd'
         , Address as 'Brief Comment'
         , city as 'Tax City'
         , State as 'Tax State'
         , Zip_Code as 'Tax Zip Code'
         , INV_DATE as 'Invoice Date'
    FROM [dbo].[TBC_MonthlyCircuitDetail]
    WHERE INV_DATE = '2014-06-01'
    AND [Circuit_Total] >0

    Sanjeev Jha

    Thursday, August 14, 2014 4:50 AM