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  • Sorry, another Windows searching one here.

    I love the searching functions of the Vista/Windows 7 Start Menu, just type a word or part word of what you want and there it is.

    However, we have some items on our Start Menu that search absolutely refuses to find.

    One such shortcut is for our Document Managment system and is called "Hummingbird DM.lnk". This is never returned on a Start Menu search and I can find no reason why this is. We have another shortcut called Hummingbird-something and that one is found ok.

    Both shortcuts are in the same folder on the user Start Menu, neither have the "I" attribute set.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    Mainly, I am adding this as more ammo towards getting a fully working search...

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009 7:20 PM

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  • Hi,

    Are the "Hummingbird DM.lnk" and "Hummingbird-something.lnk" pointing to the same application? 
    I just tested on our test machines. If I created both the "Hummingbird DM.lnk" and "Hummingbird-something.lnk" shortcuts pointing to the same application, I only get back "Hummingbird-something.lnk" from the Start Menu search results. If I created the "Hummingbird DM.lnk" and "Hummingbird-something.lnk" shortcuts pointing to different applications, it returns both shortcuts from the Start Menu search results.

    For more about Windows Search, I would like to share the following resources:

    Windows Search Features

    Windows Desktop Search 2.x

    Best Regards

    Thursday, November 5, 2009 9:17 AM
  • Make sure the location of your shortcut is being indexed - you can verify this by searching for "Indexing options" on the start menu.

    Hope this helps,
    Alexander Sklar | Software Development Engineer 2
    Windows Sustaining Engineering - Client Development Team
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    Thursday, November 5, 2009 9:23 AM
  • Thanks for the suggstions Alexander and Dale.

    The 2 different Hummingbird shortcuts point to different items and the Start Menu is indexed by default and both of these items are in the same folder.

    I think the problem is that Windows absolutely refuses to pin this shortcut to the startmenu or the taskbar (a very annoying problem if you ask me, for example, not being able to pin networked items).

    The problem shortcut is an Explorer extension and we have a couple of others and these fail, too. Although the shortcut is perfectly valid, because, presumably, Windows can't see the target as it's basically a GUID, it won't allow pinning or searching.

    Unfortunately, it's yet another example of Windows Search failing to find things that you know are there.


    Thursday, November 5, 2009 6:43 PM
  • As I know, certain application by design and certain executable files as well as shortcuts that contain certain strings (for example,  "Help", "Documentation", "Install" and so on) in their name are automatically excluded from pinning. Moreover, a following group policy setting can change the pin behavior:

    User Configuration /Administrative Templates/ Start Menu and Taskbar/Remove pinned programs from the taskbar

    Best Regards
    Friday, November 6, 2009 2:35 AM
  • Hi Dale, the help text for that policy item is:

    "If you enable this setting, pinned programs are prevented from being shown on the Taskbar. Users cannot pin programs to the Taskbar."

    This won't help, unfortunately, and also this has hit a bit of a raw nerve with me...

    Basically, this is one of my biggest gripes with Windows 7. I need to configure the Start Menu and Taskbar and Microsoft have prevented us from doing it with some rather feeble excuses about "not allowing people to clog them up".

    I am a Domain Admin. I created our image and deployment environment. I could walk to a user's PC and throw it out of the window if I wanted to (and I work on level 38) but I can't control their Start Menu or Taskbar!

    It's even more crazy for the reasons specified as I can spam their desktop with all kinds of rubbish if I really wanted to, but not their Start Menu or Taskbar!

    We should be able to pin anything to the Start Menu or Taskbar and we should be able to automate this easily (that is, without having to specify GUIDs of signed only programs, as in PromotedIcon1 and 2).

    We can pin things to the Start Menu or Taskbar via VBS, but not easily remove them or rename them. We can't create Taskbar toolbars.

    I need to be able to do these things! I have spent 22 years banging my head against Microsoft trying to solve the problems that you create by putting these barriers in place and I've had enough!

    When you need to rollout a standard desktop to 1000s of PCs, to users who can barely remember their usernames and can't remember how to start Outlook if the logon script does not start it for them (I am not joking), we really, really need this access.

    Yes, the API pack allows certain things but not the full control which is required.
    Friday, November 6, 2009 3:14 AM