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  • Nice and good writing but you might want to rephrase a little bit few of the points:


     Johri Mayank wrote:
    If the maximum client cache size is 4 GB for physical machines respectively, thus the maximum size of sequenced application can not be greater than 4 GB depending upon the type of system where the application is to be deployed.


    Maximum size of the client cache is 64 GB but maximum size of SFT file is 4 GB so that's where the limitation of how large an application you can sequence comes from. I'm not entirely sure if you can work-around this limitation with 4.5 dynamic suiting (I guess it should theoretically be possible), but at least for single sequence this limitation holds true.


     Johri Mayank wrote:
    Application should have minimum of 1 Shortcut. If no shortcuts are present then the application should be sequenced in a Suite along with the application which needs it. IE Flash plug-ins is example of this type of applications.


    While technically true, it should be noted that that one shortcut could actually point to local application (like in your very own example of flash for IE) and none of the executables in package (heck, it could be that there's no executable in package in this sort of scenario!).


    For services -item, you should note that services that can be started when application starts and shut down when application main executable shuts down can be included in sequence. Only services that run as their own are (like boot-time services do but there are others) not suitable for sequencing since under SoftGrid all application starting happens under user's session context.




    Monday, February 11, 2008 10:53 AM