Adding IPv6 dhcp scopes using netsh dhcp add scope


  • I need to create a grundle of IPv6 scopes and I'd rather script it than do it manually.  Googling, I find IPv4 examples, but nothing for IPv6.  Doing some initial testing, it appears that commands are for IPv4 only?

    I've used the GUI to create 11 IPv6 scopes, but I'd rather not do it via the GUI for all the rest.

    From the dhcp server (only has IPv6 scopes):

    netsh dhcp server <ipv6 address of server> show scope

     Total No. of Scopes = 0

    Command completed successfully

    On the server, I have 0 IPv4 scopes and 11 IPv6 scopes currently.  The IPv6 scopes are handing out IPs without issue.

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014 6:03 PM

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  • First, acquire the book Practical IPv6 for Windows by Ed Horley !!!!  Look in Ch9 for DHCPv6 stuff.

    Second, create DHCPv6 scope using PowerShell commands:

    PS C:\> Add-DHCPServerv6Scope -Prefix 2001:db8:600d:f00d:: -name net1 -state Active

    PS C:\> Add-DHCPServerv6ExclusionRange -Prefix 2001:db8:600d:f00d:: -StartRange 2001:db8:600d:f00d::100
    -EndRange 2001:db8:600d:f00d::200


    Jeff Carrell

    Sunday, August 3, 2014 3:27 PM