Attribute SortOrder Bug

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  • We are runnig SQL Server 11.0.3381.0.

    This has happend before but with 2 or 3 attributes in an entity, but this time we have a "new" few days old entity that has 70 or so attributes with the following problem (there was lots of Excel manipulation and field length ant type changes to form the Entity, but I am not sure when the problem occured).

    The end result is that when a leaf memeber order (screen column order) is being changed in the Web UI (entity edit) the Leaf member jumps over many attrubutes at a time .

    Example :

    Name Code   Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5

    I move Column5 UP and instead of it going between 3 and 4 it jumps between Column1 and Column2. Moving it back down puts in back in the last spot.

    After further investigation we found tblAttribute and SortOrder column in the MDS database.  Sorting by Entity shows (in the above case) that Column2,Column3, and Column4 have the same sort order:


    Attribute  SortOrder

    Column1       1

    Column2       3

    Column3       3

    Column4       3

    Column5       4

    So moving Column5 up made it 3 as well and put it all the way above Column2, making Column4 sortorder a 4. But moving Column5 back made Column4 again a 3 and Column5 a 4.  Moving any columns realy just swaps its SortOrder with the one you moved to, so it never clears out all 3s...

    So we have once manipulated SortOrder via updates directly in the Db, with seemingly no bad effects. But this time we have 70 attributes and lots of production data , and I'd like to know if there are any potential problems, and if there are how we move the order elsewhere. (We have found that someone complained of Db error after they changed the  SortOrder column directly in the Db).




    Thursday, January 30, 2014 8:23 PM