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  • Constantly, OneNote breaks and screws up my recordings that are synced with my lectures. It is such a fragile process and very frustrating. As soon as I'm done recording, I press stop. When I test the recording, it says, "We're sorry, we can't open the file because it is in use by another program." I just recorded and then stopped it. If i close and reopen OneNote, it says, "oneNote is cleaning up from the last time it was open." And the recording still says it's in use by another program. I've even restarted the laptop and it still won't open. The only way i could salvage the file is if I copy and paste it into another folder, and then it will open through windows media player, but all the live syncing with my notes are gone. Where are these files stored? If I could save the sound and find the file/format that holds the syncing data again, I could work around this. They are no where to be found on my computer. Other forums give locations, but my folders are empty. Some other recordings work and sync nicely, but I have still lost many recordings to this error. However, if I play a file and then close it without stopping playback, that file, too, will now be unusable. It will be stuck as "We're sorry, we can't open..." no matter what i do and again i have to copy/paste it into a new folder and then move it back. I had the same problem on my last laptop. I record in Windows Media Audio 10 Professional at 192 kbs, 48 kHz, and stereo CBR. I need the high quality because the lecturer is too quiet. It seems to happen when I record long lectures, 45 min+. Shorter recordings tend to work fine.

    Please help, this would make note taking so much easier.

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