Event ID 4013 2012R2 Server Essentials (complete brain aneurysm and disabled IPV6)


  • Domain Network has many w7 systems running. I was having problems connecting a w10(1607) system to the domain  I was trying to use the connect program. (the new version still did not work) I then i figured out the new changes to w10 and directly connected it to the domain. I had it up and on the domain. I was having problems connecting a program that is installed on the server. I was receiving IPV6 errors in the response. I had a complete brain aneurysm and disabled  IPV6 on SERVER and client in efforts to trouble shoot the problem. I then believe at that time I broke the dns. I now can no longer join any systems to the domain. All systems that are on the domain continue to work and appear to have no problems logging on and off. I cannot join any new systems. I can not ping server.local. NSLOOKUP server.local returns can't find nslook: Non-Existent domain  I ran ipconfig /registerdns and Net stop netlogon , net start logon . I am some what of a noob and would appreciate any help.
    Saturday, January 28, 2017 8:49 PM

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