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  • I have a protection group that protects a SharePoint 2010 farm, and the SharePoint admins want to migrate some new data to it.  This is fine except that the migration window coincides with my backup window.  I'd like to be able to tell DPM, "Keep everything as it is just don't run this protection group until I release the hold from the protection group."

    As a workaround I just changed the schedule to not run until Monday, but now I have to go back in and re-create the schedule. 

    I realize that in my scenario above I'd also have to manually release the hold, so it wouldn't eliminate the need for manual intervention, but it would eliminate the need to go through the wizard and redo the schedule.

    Am I missing something?  Is the hold feature described above actually available?


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    Friday, July 15, 2011 6:44 PM


  • Hi Tom,

    There is not a way to "hold" a job as you describe, however you can cancel specific jobs.

    1. From the DPM Console you can go to Monitoring and select the Jobs tab.

    2. Select "Create filter" from the Actions pane.

    3. Give the filter a name

    4.  in the "Time from" choose the date/time on which you want to begin to prevent jobs from running

    5. In the "Time to" choose the date/time you want the jobs to start running again

    6. Click on the Protection tab in the filter

    7. Uncheck "All" and check only the datasource(s) for which you wish to cancel jobs

    8. Click "Save"

    9. Now the DPM console Jobs tab should show only jobs that meet your filter

    10. Expand the Scheduled jobs

    Select the jobs you don't want to run, right click on each and select cancel.

    Only the jobs you cancel won't run. So for example if you wanted to cancel all jobs for this weekend and wanted them to start again Monday morning, you could cancel all jobs from tonight 7-15 through Sunday night 7-17.






    Friday, July 15, 2011 7:01 PM