Analysis Services Roles via PerformancePoint in MOSS RRS feed

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  • Here is my scenario:

    We have a bunch of Sales Data that is restricted via SSAS Roles on the Product Dimension (ie sales people can only see sales for products under their particular product group as defined in their Role).

    I have now had PerformancePoint Server setup and integrated with our MOSS 2007 environment and all seems to be working HOWEVER when I put a trace on the SSAS database, all queries are being run by one account. Is it possible to have impersonation setup so the MDX query is run by the person who is logged in to MOSS (so then the SSAS database will pickup their account and apply their Role)?

    We have MOSS and PPS on one server, all the SQL stuff on another and have Kerberos making them all talk together.

    My question isn't HOW to do this, that's not my area, I just need to know whether it's possible to have PerformancePoint generate it's scorecards whilst retaining the user info of the person trying to generate the scorecards via MOSS so my SSAS roles get applied.

    Thanks for any help!!
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008 12:52 AM