SharePoint Incoming Email Folder URL Character Limit


  • I have document library incoming email enable and Group attachment in folders property set to "Save all attachment in folder group by e-mail subject" so when I send email, the folder name created in document library had the same subject line in email.  When email subject line that I send quite long, SharePoint trim the folder name down, see below screenshot -> it renamed with.....

    I had SPD workflow rename the folder by taking the folder name and concatenate with date and time at the time so the folder name look like this

    When user send email with long subject line, my workflow rename the folder with concatenate date and time suspended because of the long folder name which exceed limit character.  How can I check before concatenate date and time to the folder name to ensure the name does not exceed the character limit?  Which column of item I should check:  ServerURL, EncodedAbsUrl, FileLeafRef, FileRef or something else?  What is the character limit number anyway?



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