A broken high definition audio divice?


  • Okay, so. my back lighting recently got burn out thanks to windows 10, so i got that fixed, but now, I cant play sound. Ive done the whole check for driver update thing, and I have the most current version of windows 7 premium. I don't think the speakers are blown, the little toolbar shortcut for audio at the volume still has that green bar going up and down to the "song" that i should be hearing. nothing plays for the audio jack either. but then again, i have something called driver detective (not activated because it costs money.) and it notices the problem with the audio player. I cant get it fixed through there because it costs money. is there way to fix this at home, or do i have to drive all the way down to best buy and get Geek Squad fix it?
    Saturday, January 9, 2016 5:06 AM


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