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  • any recommendation for cleanup of the forefront databases:

    eeadata.mdf is 16GB and repdata.mdf is 32Gb  for 1600 users

    Tuesday, February 12, 2008 3:05 AM

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    if you maintain your DB and the DTS is running properly (could be the case allthough the opsDB sounds a bit too big) there is realy nothing you can do to cleanup but maybe reset the size of days to keep track of history data in the reporting DB.


    it order to this follow these instructions:



    By default, the period to retain data in the SystemCenterReporting database is 395 days. When you install the MOM 2005 Reporting component, a stored procedure that is named p_updategroomdays is created in the SystemCenterReporting database. You can use this stored procedure to configure the number of days that data is retained in the SystemCenterReporting database. By default, fact data older then 13 months (395 days) is deleted. Snapshot facts older then 3 days are deleted. Dimension data is not deleted. To modify the number of days to retain data in the SystemCenterReporting database, follow these procedures:



    In SQL Server Query Analyzer, create a new query.


    Change the database to the SystemCenterReporting database.


    In the Query window, type the following:

    Exec p_updategroomdays 'TableName', DaysToRetainData


    In this example, TableName is one of the six main tables, and DaysToRetainData is the number of days to retain data in that table.

    Repeat step 2 for each fact table you want to modify.

    For example, to retain data in the SC_AlertFact_Table for 300 days, use the following query:

    Exec p_updategroomdays ‘SC_AlertFact_Table’, 300
     hope this helps.
    Tuesday, February 12, 2008 7:19 PM