GPOs and Terminal server users


  • Hello

    gpo failing for remote users , im trying to push down a template with vbs

    Option Explicit
    dim path
    path=CreateObject("WScript.Shell").ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%AppData%") & ("\Microsoft\Templates")
    dim objFSO
    set objFSO=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    If objFSO.FileExists(path & "pp.pot") = False Then
    objFSO.CopyFile "\\lwhatever\Scripts\templates\Office\Powerpoint\pp.pot", path & "\"
    End If

    they get

    line 7

    char 1

    error Permission denied

    code 800a0046

    then some users get

    path not found 800a004c

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  • > objFSO.CopyFile "\\lwhatever\Scripts\templates\Office\Powerpoint\pp.pot
    > <file://\\lwhatever\Scripts\templates\Office\Powerpoint\pp.pot>", path & "\"
    This is more script related than GPO related, but anyway: What happens
    if you execute this script manually? Can you access the remote file? Can
    you write to the target path?

    Greetings/Grüße, Martin

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