Delay between Edge Server 2013 and CAS/MBX RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I created a new lab in order to experimente Exchange 2013 on-prem architecture.

    Internet > DMZ > Local Network

    DMZ: (edge server)

    Local Network: (CAS & MBX server)

    Everything works fine:

    - all ports between DMZ and local network are opened (25, 50636, etc..)

    - edge synchronisation is working

    - inbound and outbound mails are OK

    So I can receive and send emails from my Exchange 2013 architecture.

    BUT I can see a delay during the delivering of my emails between the EDGE and the CAS/MBX (more than 1 minutes).

    I can see the mail in the Queue Viewer with statut "Ready" and without any Error message, but the mail stay in the queue during a long time before being delivered.

    Do you know what kind of tests I can do to investigate and find the cause of this issue ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !


    Thursday, January 11, 2018 6:18 PM

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  • Hi.

    Please check your network adapter setting and route table for both network adapter. Maybe use external DNS for resolve MX.

    Please check  Test-Mailflow command for test.

    Second test is send email to external again.

    Send two email to one address. One and second after 20 sec and check report again.

    PS. I hope don't use and don't enable any filter on EDGE.

    MCITP, MCSE. Regards, Oleg

    Thursday, January 11, 2018 7:37 PM
  • Hello,

    1- How can I check route table for both network adapter ? Why MX are concerned ? The issue occurs after MX resolution because the mail is already in my EDGE server.

    2- Test-Mailflow is OK

    3- I don't have issue sending mails to external. The issue only occurs during inbound messages.

    4- When I send 2 messages with 20 seconds interval, they stay during about 1 minute in queue and are delivered in the mailbox at the same time. How this test can be relevent ?

    Thanks for your help

    Friday, January 12, 2018 11:45 AM
  • Hi.

    1. Route table and network adapter setting. Edge can't detect and connect correct route and you have long time when detect route for send message.

    3. Edge has filter for inbound and outbound message. As result different filter need time for analyze this message.

    4. This is test for resolve DNS name and use DNS cash name for send next messages.  

    I think need enable log for all connectors and check session request.

    MCITP, MCSE. Regards, Oleg

    Friday, January 12, 2018 1:46 PM