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  • Dear,

    What is the best way to add a shared mailbox in your Outlook client. I have read many things on the internet better never any justification why choose this solution over another one.
    All these solutions are to be considered only after the user was granted Full Access over the Shared Mailbox.

    1) Add the SMB as a new account 


    - Is it compliant with Modern Authentification ?
    - Calendar notification for the SMB will properly show up
    - It is possible to set the SMB address as default.
    - Is there any potential issue doing this ?

    2) Add the SMB with automapping feature
    This is option needs to be set up on server side by admins.
    After that, nothing to do on client side. Users will have the SMB automatically mapped whatever the computer they are using.

    - With this configuration, Calendar notification for the SMB won't work
    - Not possible to set the SMB address as defaut address to use when sending an email

    3) Add the SMB in the advanced properties of the account

    Doing so, the limitations seems to be the same as option ?

    Would someone be kind to help me about this matter ?

    Thursday, January 31, 2019 4:15 PM


  • Hi Chloroplaste,

    I tried to do much research regarding this topic but cannot find any documentation stating the difference between these ways of adding shared mailboxes in Outlook client.

    In the following article about how to open and share a shared mailbox in Outlook, it says:

    "If that didn't work, then manually add the shared mailbox to Outlook"

    Open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook

    So my understanding is that, generally it is recommended to enable automapping as it doesn't need the end users to do anything in their Outlook. But if you want to leave the choice of adding the shared mailbox or not to the users, you may consider removing automapping.

    As regards to the first method, it adds the shared mailbox as an additional account in Outlook. This allows us to use the mailbox almost as our own account in Outlook. For example, you can set the address as default and get the calendar reminders, as is mentioned in your thread. 

    Per your concern about the potential issues, sorry that I cannot find documented statement about this. Given this situation, I'd like to suggest using the preferred way to add the shared mailbox first, then you may feel free to post a thread in our forum when any issues arise during the daily use. 


    Yuki Sun

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