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  • Hi Guys,

    Just need someone to explain to me how Powershell and MDT as trying to understand what I'm doing is correct?

    I'm wanting to build a MDT Deployment share based on powershell scripts and doing it good so far but I'm trying to understand how MDT-PersistentDrive works along with the Deployment Workbench.

    I have a script that has New-PSDrive in it and then Remove-PSDrive function at end of script. That means nothing can be found in Deployment workbench (right?). 

    Next script I just run Restore-MDTPersistentDrive then run commands required to add to MDT Deployment Share and if don't add the Remove-PSDrive function it should then appear in the Deployment workbench?

    I'm trying to achieve the following

    Commands to Add to deployment share using Restore-MDTPersistentDrive (if thats the way to do it?) or should I used new-PSDrive on each of my commands?

    or what is the effective way to use powershell to load the deployment share in the workbench application?



    Monday, October 29, 2018 1:03 AM