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  • We have 2 SCOM 1807 management servers, and 45 SCOM Gateway server installed at various customers.
    At a few customers we will install a new windows 2016 Scom Gateway server, and the current Windows 2012 gateway server will temporarily function as the failover gateway server
    I found a script from the famous Kevin.

    I'm a powershell beginner, so with some help i tweaked the script for our situation.
    I get a popup, and can select one or multiple agents to assign the primary and failover gateway server. Configured this already for a few customers

    $oldGW = "GW01.domain.com"
    $newGW = "GW02.domain.com"
    # Get Management Server Object Examples
    $Primary = Get-SCOMManagementServer | where {$_.Name -eq $newGW} 
    $Failover = Get-SCOMManagementServer | where {$_.Name -eq $oldGW}
    # Get all agents currently assigned to a Management Server or GW
    #$Agents = Get-SCOMAgent -ManagementServer $Failover
    $Agents = Get-SCOMAgent -ManagementServer $Failover | Out-GridView -Title "Select the SCOM agents you want to set the management server for." -PassThru
    # Reassigning all agents in an array of agents
    ForEach ($Agent in $Agents)
                   [string]$AgentName = $Agent.DisplayName
                   $PriBefore = $Agent.GetPrimaryManagementServer().DisplayName
                   $FailBefore = $Agent.GetFailoverManagementServers().DisplayName
                   If ($FailBefore) 
    # We need to remove any failover settings for this agent in case we are setting a primary server already in the failover list
        Write-Host "Removing Failover...."
                                  Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $Agent -FailoverServer $null
                   If ($FailBefore -ne $Failover) {
                                  Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $Agent -PrimaryServer $Primary
                                  Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $Agent -FailoverServer $Failover  
    Write-Host SCOM agents $Agents.DisplayName had their Primary Management set to $NewGW. -ForegroundColor Green

    But now i need  to remove the failover gateway server from all clients.
    The bold part is the only thing I changed in the script

    If ($FailBefore -ne $Failover) {
                                  Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $Agent -PrimaryServer $Primary
                                  Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $Agent -FailoverServer $Null 

    But is doesn't work.. I don't get a popup, and failover server is still configured on the agents..

    What am i doing wrong?


    Saturday, March 14, 2020 8:47 AM

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  • Set-SCOMParentManagementServer -Agent $Agent -FailoverServer @()


    Saturday, March 14, 2020 8:56 AM
  • Ok. Thanks. I will test this later.

    Will i get a popup to select one or multiple agents?

    Saturday, March 14, 2020 9:16 AM
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