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  • I use Make, ModelAlias, and DriveGroup to deploy drivers. The problem I am having is that the inject drivers step is ignoring  Make\ModelAlias. It is looking in the entire Out-Of-Box Drivers folder for PNP drivers rather than in the matching Make\ModelAlias folder.

    My Out-of-box folder structure looks like the following:





    I have an ELAN touchpad driver in the Common folder under SAMSUNG. But when I deploy the OS on an HP desktop that does not seem to have a touchpad, the ELAN driver also gets installed.

    I have these lines in the Rules section of the deployment share:


    The Make, ModelAlias seem to be set correctly according to BDD.log:

    <![LOG[Property Make is now = Hewlett-Packard]LOG]!><time="11:08:31.000+000" date="06-17-2013" component="ZTIGather" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIGather">
    <![LOG[USEREXIT:ModelAliasExit.vbs|SetModelAlias - ModelAlias has been set to HP Compaq dc7800 Small Form Factor]LOG]!><time="11:08:45.000+000" date="06-17-2013" component="ZTIGather" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIGather">

    ZTIDrivers.log (ETD_10.7.15.5 is the ELAN driver):

    <![LOG[ Found Device *PNP0F13 with 3rd party drivers! Count = 0  = {7bdbff06-2cc2-47e0-b9f7-709fbfb96ce6}]LOG]!><time="11:09:20.000+000" date="06-17-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers">
    <![LOG[Found a driver for *PNP0F13: {7bdbff06-2cc2-47e0-b9f7-709fbfb96ce6} from \\mdtserver\Lab$\Out-of-box Drivers\Mouse\ETD_10.7.17.5_7897B2D99BB987043E460ABBAA5D842559BE741F\ETD.inf]LOG]!><time="11:09:20.000+000" date="06-17-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers">
    <![LOG[Validating connection to \\mdtserver\Lab$\Out-of-box Drivers\Mouse\ETD_10.7.17.5_7897B2D99BB987043E460ABBAA5D842559BE741F]LOG]!><time="11:09:20.000+000" date="06-17-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers">
    <![LOG[Already connected to server mdtserver as that is where this script is running from.]LOG]!><time="11:09:20.000+000" date="06-17-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers">
    <![LOG[Copying drivers from "\\mdtserver\Lab$\Out-of-box Drivers\Mouse\ETD_10.7.17.5_7897B2D99BB987043E460ABBAA5D842559BE741F" to "C:\Drivers\Mouse\ETD_10.7.17.5_7897B2D99BB987043E460ABBAA5D842559BE741F"]LOG]!><time="11:09:20.000+000" date="06-17-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers">

    In the Task Sequence, PreInstall, Inject Drivers, I have selection profile set to Nothing.

    Monday, June 17, 2013 4:27 PM

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  • Are these issues occurring if you are using Model instead of ModelAlias?
    As this is a custom UserExit script you should give it a try without it.

    Monday, June 17, 2013 6:58 PM
  • Same issue. I replaced ModelAlias with Model. The ELAN touchpad driver still got picked up during the Inject Drivers phase. 



    TimeZoneName=Eastern Standard Time


    Monday, June 17, 2013 7:37 PM
  • Is there a reason you don't create Selection Profiles for each model?   About two years ago I also used the DriverGroup variables but changed when the Selection Profiles became an option.    

    MDT Task Sequence Duplicator Application Bundle Duplicator

    Thursday, June 20, 2013 6:01 AM
  • I will give it a try. Maybe i am missing something, But it occurs to me that DriverGroup is a lot easier to implement. Is below what you have to do to use Selection Profiles to support a new make/model. 1. Create a new folder under out of box drivers and add drivers (you would be done now if you used DriverGroup) 2. Create a new selection profile to include the newly added folder 3. Add a task to inject drivers for the new hardware model using make model variables Thanks.
    Thursday, June 20, 2013 12:06 PM
  • I thought the same thing when I first used the Selection Profile option but it literally takes a few seconds between the two methods. Yes it is one additional step but it only takes a few seconds.

    1.  Create a folder under Out of Box Drivers for your Models

    2.  Create a selection profile and select the model and name it the model

    3.  Go into your task sequence and navigate to the Inject Driver step and select the Driver Selection Profile you just created

    4.  Go to options tab on the Inject Drivers step and add a condition for the model so the drivers will only get injected on that model

         (e.g.   Add->Task Sequence Variable -> Model -> HP Proliant)

    5.  Repeat for each model in your deployment

    What I like about Selection Profiles it makes it very easy to select shared driver folders (Intel WLAN, WWAN drivers, etc)   

    Yes, there are a few more steps but it shouldn't take along to implement this method vs DriverGroup

    MDT Task Sequence Duplicator Application Bundle Duplicator

    Thursday, June 20, 2013 2:15 PM
  • I have found we are more successful using drivergroups when we set them in the task sequence (Our driver tree is similar to yours but, I break things out by OS and architecture too so its more like Windows 7\x64\Dell Inc.\Latitude E6530).  Our Inject drivers step is set to Nothing profile for this to work.  I recently converted from doing selection profiles because they were more work.

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    Thursday, June 20, 2013 4:15 PM
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I finaly got it working. I focused on DriverGroup as I tried to avoid the extra steps with Selection Profiles.

    I did try moving DriverGroup to the Task Sequence but the issue persisted.

    The following line in the cs.ini turned out to be the culprit:


    I removed the above line from cs.ini, copied all drivers from \Common to \Hewlett-Packard\Common, \Lenovo\Common, \Samsung\Common, etc, and now the ELAN Tech touchpad no long installs on HP desktops.

    Don't know why my original setup did not work as expected. Apparently it was not an issue for everyone. The idea was borrowed from this post:

    Thursday, June 20, 2013 8:16 PM