Launching privileged process from limited account with pre-provided passwords RRS feed

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    Does Vista 64 Home Premium SP2 provide a way of
    launching privileged process from limited account
    with pre-provided credentials ?
    I know I could use e.g. CMD file with RUNAS and password in plain text,
    but it is not what I mean, being security flaw.
    I mean administrator would provide privileged password,
    that would not retrievable to limited user,
    but the process would be able to provide privilege credentials to
    I have thought it could be by setting explorer shortcut
    to run program as privileged user, as the password is provided.
    But it seems not to be the case, as the password is required
    at any launching of the shortcut.
    I am not particular familiar with UNIX/Linux world,
    but I think a kind of SUDO utility alternative,
    granting some privilege activity to limited user.
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    Thursday, February 23, 2012 6:54 AM